4/20 is back and we are so glad to be serving you!

This year, the annual rush of activity for 4/20 has resumed, and we could not be more happy to see customers getting back to their normal, albeit hectic, routine for the annual cannabis industry holiday. It wasn’t so long ago that the pandemic had us all collectively wondering how and when regular business activities would return. And we are grateful that Core Print & Packaging, as well as so many of our trusted and treasured customers, weathered the storm.

And what a storm it was. Last year as Core entered its 10th anniversary in business, there was not a lot to celebrate. Business was still relatively weak compared to “normal” years, and supply chain challenges were driving up costs and making some jobs impossible to accomplish. We had to take some dramatic measures to ensure our survival, which included streamlining aspects of our business.

When one door closes, another one opens.

The biggest decision we made was to shutter our brick-and-mortar retail location. Although this was a difficult transition, we were able to reduce our overhead and consolidate all of our assets under one roof, which has made us more efficient in the long run. Unfortunately, we were required to make the tough choice to reduce our staff, which was the most painful aspect of the entire pandemic for us. The Core Print & Packaging team is a family, and we regretted having to say so long to close colleagues and friends. On the bright side, we have since been able to bring back several team members, and we hope to continue hiring as business improves.

Changing markets require a new approach. 

In another business-changing decision, we needed to find a solution to high tariffs and production delays caused by a dependence on China for raw materials and products that continue to create delays even today. We worked hard to identify U.S. manufacturers and product developers that offered more reliable and timely service, but those new partners also came with a slightly higher cost. But we were willing to pay the extra cost to ensure our product shelves were full and we were ready to help our clients.

We have a reason to celebrate, thanks to you.

Today we believe we are “right sided” and ready for any new challenge that comes along. We thank our trusted employees and long-term customers for their dedication and loyalty. And we are even more thrilled to be celebrating another 4/20 in the cannabis industry. Now in our 11th year, Core Print & Packaging is excited for the year to come – and we hope you are, too.