It is already February and we have been busy getting the year off to a great start. We couldn’t let the opportunity pass to say Happy New Year to our family. To all of Core Print & Packaging’s amazing customers, employees, partners and vendors, we thank you. Without the support, patience and devotion of our business family, we would not have made it through the challenging months of the last two years.

Bouncing Back from COVID:

Core Print & Packaging bounced back incredibly in 2021 following the debacle of 2020. We’ve made it through most of the heartache, challenges and turmoil brought on by the pandemic. During the toughest months of 2020, we were forced to make some very difficult staffing decisions. Under traumatic circumstances, we had to tighten our belt. But we were able to bring back two of those employees last year, and we are grateful they chose to return to the Core family.

The Future of Printing and Packaging is Bright:

As a result of our team’s dedication, we exceeded our revenue goals in 2021. Today, we have a lot of opportunities to build the business back better than ever. The packaging side of our business continues to expand. Meanwhile, some of the supply chain issues and shortages we were facing have begun to ease up. This is thanks to strong U.S.-based partners we have developed and international supply chains catching up to demand. 2022 looks brighter each and every day.

Most of all, we are grateful for all of our employees, customers and the new opportunities that await. We hope that our family of partners and vendors are all recovering from the pandemic challenges they have faced. Together, we can create the best year yet. If your needs include printing or packaging, give us a shout and let us know how we can help. You’ll be treated like family.