Just as the holidays encourage personal reflection, so should the prospect of a new year bring a review of business needs for the coming 12 months. Of course, for Core Print & Packaging customers, that means identifying the printing, packaging and distribution needs your company will require, as well as ways you can update or improve your print and packaging efforts. Whether your business is a longtime member of the Core family, or you manage a company seeking a new printing partner, contact us to start planning your 2022 printing needs now. Here’s a checklist of things to consider when reviewing your printing and packaging needs:

Review your 2021 print/packaging spend: We know this time of year is filled with business, social and family commitments, but before you set your 2022 printing budget, it is important to set a baseline of costs using the previous 12 month’s jobs. This will allow you to compare next year’s needs with 2021 costs, anticipate any increases that may be required, prioritize products based on demand and allocate the proper funds accordingly. In addition, knowing what you plan to spend over the coming 12 months can help Core Print & Packaging identify value adds and cost-saving opportunities that may be missed without proper planning.

Identify new needs: Will you be launching any new products or services in 2022? Are you considering new packaging formats or advertising materials for products? How much growth do you anticipate in the coming months? Will you need to update labels, marketing collateral and other printed pieces? Once you have the answers to these questions,  you can determine the new printing or packaging needs you will want to use in the new year. Now is the time to start thinking about the type of packaging any new products may need. Whether it’s boxes, bottles, bags or any other type of packaging, you’ll want to identify the printing services each product will require to launch successfully.

Create your budget plan, and then talk to Core Print & Packaging: The best way to gain value from your printing investment is to create a plan, a reasonable budget and then utilize these tools to leverage the best options and best value for your printing spend. Possessing a strategic plan and budget can help Core Print & Packaging guide your decision making, enabling a customized approach that maximizes your budget dollars while producing the best results. A comprehensive budget, even if some costs are estimated, reveals ways that priority jobs can be optimized as well as cost-effective ways to integrate similar jobs over the year that will optimize your budget.

Everyone at Core Print & Packaging wishes you, your employees and your customers the very best in the coming year. We look forward to hearing from you following a well-deserved break spent with family and friends over the coming weeks. Season’s Greetings from our family to yours!